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News and Updates

  • 01/17/01-Hi! This is I work on this website now. Well, I'll be doing this news and updates section from now on. Well I'm working on the Enemies section now and Majora's Mask has come out(as all of you already know). Feel free to E-mail if you have any questions. When this section has too many news updates, some of the earlier ones will be deleted. My E-mail address will be listed above always.

  • 01/18/01-Hello again. I've updated the Enemies section, and I just need SirJonOfArc to give me pictures of the enemies so I can finish it. When I am done with that I am hoping that I will be able to make more polls.

  • 01/28/01-This site is finally being finished up! The enemies page is currently being constructed and the polls need some updating. Our main focus will become the Majora's Mask website Clock Town. -TheLostWoods

  • 06/06/02- The skultulla maps have all been posted...finally!

  • 6/28/03- year later- The content (and yes, the homepage music) will remain unchanged for the most part. Major graphical updates have been made. I've also changed to a frames-based layout to make it easier to navigate. The only setback is the ultra-annoying pop-ups that Angelfire insists on having. If you thought Saria was left out of the banner, now she's on the navigation. Go Saria!

  • 1/10/04- The Lost Woods is now on Bravenet, no more popups or ads!!! Some pages are still on the Angelfire site but hopefully I'll transfer them before next year. Many pages have been reorganized and pages that are coming "soon" are in black type in the navigation.