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Mask Trading

Mask trading is an entertaining side quest, but not necessary to complete the game. After your first visit to Kakariko Village, the Happy Mask shop In Hyrule Castle Town will be open for business. The mysterious mask salesman will be looking for a traveling salesman. You take a mask, sell it, bring the money back to the shop and take a new mask to sell. Each mask suits a particular person's needs.


 Keaton Mask- If you talk to the guard near the gate to Death Mountain Trail, he'll tell you about a mask that his son really wants but he explains that he cannot get to the market because of his job. Go to the Happy Mask Shop in Hyrule Castle Town after speaking to him and you'll be able to start the trade. Get the Keaton Mask and sell it to the guard, who pays the full price.


Skull Mask- Once you sell the Keaton Mask, you'll get the Skull Mask. Take the Skull Mask to the lone skull kid in the Lost Woods. To get there just take the first left from the entrance. He'll gladly buy the mask which will make his friends envious (he makes them masks too). But...he won't pay you the full price.


Spooky Mask- On your next return to the Happy Mask Shop, you will be given the Spooky Mask to sell. There is a kid in the graveyard who wishes he looked like Damp, the grave keeper, but his face is too cute. This mask would surely benefit him and he pays full price.


Bunny Hood- Now you will recieve the last of the tradable masks, the Bunny Hood. After you receive Zora's Sapphire (Stone of Water) a man can be seen running around Hyrule Field. This marathon man wants to be a rabbit, so he is the perfect sales candidate for teh Bunny Hood. If you can't catch him during the day, he'll sit down at night. So sell it to him and he will go crazy for it and stuff your wallet (so feel free to go on a shopping spree before selling it). *Note- make sure you're a child when searching the field for him!


Mask of Truth- Once you've been successful at selling all of the regular Happy Masks, the salesman will reward you with the Mask of Truth which can be used to talk to gossip stones (the one-eyed stones that tell you what time it is). *You can also use it to get a Deku Nut upgrade in the Forest Stage but only if you've NEVER been an adult. So before going forward in time, you might want to get this "once in a lifetime" upgrade!



Fun Masks- Also after the trading sequence is complete you will have three other masks available: the Goron Mask, the Zora Mask and the Gerudo Mask. These masks can't be sold to anyone and won't get you anything. It's just entertaining to hear what people say whilw you're wearing them.