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FAQs Page


How did you get this far?

1)Q: Where is Jabu Jabu Located? I can't find him.


A: After you show King Zora the message in a bottle he will VERY slowly move and allow you to pass through to Zora's Fountian (you can't miss Jabu Jabu)

Submitted by "DarkLink"

2)Q: I caught a fish at the pond but when I left I didn't have the fish in my Inventory. what happened?


A: You're catching the wrong fish. Using an empty bottle, go to Zora's Domain where the circle of rocks is and catch a fish in your bottle.

Submitted by "DarkLink"

3)Q: Can you obtain the Triforce?


A: NO. There is NO Triforce in Zelda64. It says it on the official Zelda64 website, Nintendo would not put something in the game that they didn't even hint about in the Player's Guide. If there was a Triforce in the game it would have been found by now anyway.


4)Q: I finally beat the game but one thing is still buggin' me. In the Lost Woods there is one spot where you run thru the grass and fall down a hole. This place is a stage. What are you supposed to do there? It does mention something about "your beautiful face" but I can't seem to figure it out.


A: Go back to the "Forest Stage" as a child again with a mask. Put the mask on and watch the scrubs' reactions. The skull mask will earn you a deku stick upgrade, some masks make them angry though so be careful! There is also a deku nut upgrade that works with the Mask of Truth, but you can't get it unless you've never been an adult... Here it is anyway. You have to sell all of the masks (see masks page for more info), and get the Mask of Truth. Then go back to the Forest Stage with the Mask of Truth and you will get a random prize, one of which is a deku nut upgrade.

Submitted by "Tropical Rain"

5)Q: How do you get Epona? Are you supposed to race Ingo with Epona or what?


A: That's right, you have to race Ingo and win twice. After you win the first time, he'll be humiliated that he lost and offer Epona as the prize in the rematch (just don't use all the carrots at once). After you win he closes the gates and "forces" you to stay forever. Just have Epona jump over one of the outer fences to escape.

Submitted by "Nobody"