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Enemies of Zelda64



Yellow- enemy description

Red- strategy


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Deku Baba- Deku Babas are vicious plants. There are two types, one that lunges at you and withered weaker ones. Almost anything can be used to defeat them.






Skulltula- Skulltulas are found in many places. There are two kinds the skullwalltula and the big skulltula. There are also gold skulltulas which give up tokens when eliminated. The skullwalltula and gold skulltula can be killed by arrows, hookshot, slingshot etc, and the big ones that hang from ceilings are vulnerable when they turn around exposing their bellies. They can be killed head-on by hookshot.





Deku Scrub- There are a variety of types of Deku Scrubs. The normal green ones are cowards. If you defeat them, they'll give you hints. The orange ones are more stubborn and will just try to run away if you attack them. Business Scrubs at first will attack but, when hit, they will try to sell things to you. The things they sell are usually overpriced but once in a while there's a good deal. All Deku Scrubs can be defeated by bouncing back the nuts they spit with your shield, then catch them before they replant themselves.






Peahat- Giant plant-like creatures that inhabit Hyrule field. They have the ability to hover over the ground and send out larva to attack. They rest at night. You have to attack the roots to defeat them, but its easier to just avoid them.






Peahat Larva- Peahats send them chasing after you. They attack with sharp blades that they use to hover. You can use your shield to deflect them or keep running away until they hit the ground.






Stalchild- You'll first encounter these on your way to Hyrule Castle Town. In Hyrule Field, when the sun sets behind the mountains, and darkness falls, these little skeletons erupt from the ground to attack you. As long as it is night, there is an infinite number of them. They only appear in the first half of the game. Luckily they aren't very smart, two hits from the sword will finish them. **They won't appear if you walk on the dirt paths or if you wear the bunny hood**






Hylian Soldier- The soldiers that guard Hyrule Castle are not really your enemies but they will view you as one when you try to intrude on the castle grounds. There is no way to get rid of them, you'll just have to walk very carefully and not get in their way.





Poe- Poes are heartless ghosts that roam the graveyard and field. A few sword swipes will destroy them and you can capture their spirits in a bottle and sell them to the salesman at the gate house of the market (adult only).





Armos- Armos looks like a plain statue but if you touch it, it comes to life! Once you hit it a few times and it starts flashing, be careful because it will explode!






Guay- These annoying birds fly over Lon Lon Ranch and at Lake Hylia in large numbers at night. They will try to fly into you like kamikazes, just use any weapon available to destroy them.






Wolfos- These ravenous beasts are always hungry for flesh. Use shielding and Z-Targeting techniques to avoid getting slashed and watch for when they drop their guard, then attack.






Cucco- Cuccos are the Hyrulean counterpart of creatures we commonly call chickens. Cuccos don't pose any threat whatsoever if you don't abuse them. At the moment a cucco dies, it lets out a horrible screech that rallies all of the cuccos together in a violent raging attack against you. There is no way to defeat these cuccos once you get them angry (if only Ganondorf knew about this!) Just take shelter in a building, when you go back outside the situation will return to normal.






Tektite- These spider-like creatures have incredible jumping ability. There are two varieties- the red ones live on Death Mountain and the blue, slightly stronger ones have adapted to live on water.  Be cautious and try to attack from a distance.






Keese- Bats with red, glowing eyes that infest caverns. They have been known to sneak up from behind and attack. The flaming type are capable of burning a Deku Shield and the ice type, found only in Ice Cavern, can freeze you into a block of ice. Just listen for the music as they get closer, it is best to attack from a distance.






Beamos- One-eyed statues that shoot a harmful laser beam at anyone in its field of vision. Throw a bomb at its head and it will explode.






Baby Dodongo- Even at a young age, dodongos are dangerous! They want food. After being attacked they'll flash red, run away...BOOM!!!






Dodongo- Adult dodongos can spurt fire from their mouths, so watch your Deku Shield! These ancient creatures are the reason the Gorons can't get to their food source, because they feed on Gorons. The tail is its weak point, after a few hits they explode.






Lizalfos & Dinolfos- Ganondorf trained these pea-brained dinosaurs to use weapons. Lizalfos are weaker than Dinalfos. They can jump long distances and, although stupid, they are pretty good with swords. Use Z-Targeting and shield techniques. Deku nuts also work very well.




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