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Octorok- If an octopus squirting ink isn't bad enough, these sea creatures spit rocks at their prey. Z-Target and bounce back the rocks using your shield.

Bari & Biri- These jelly-like creatures mindlessly seek food in Jabu Jabu's belly. They are the cause of his sickness. You will be shocked if you try to attack with your sword. The only difference is that Bari is larger and hangs from ceilings. The most effective way to defeat them is with the boomerang.

ReDead- These horrible, soulless beasts keep alive by feeding on other creatures brains and blood. Once Ganondorf has control, they overrun Hyrule Castle Town. Any people who didn't flee to Kakariko Village were destroyed by these mangled, walking corpses. They can also be found in many places throughout Hyrule, commonly in underground caves. If you lock eyes with one, it will let out a paralyzing scream and you will be unable to move for a few seconds. If one jumps on you and starts eating your brain, don't worry, just press buttons as fast as you can to escape. Depending on which sword you use, it will take more or less slashes to "rekill" them. Once they're down, don't let your guard down, because they come back after a short time. When they're gone for good, their bodies will shrivel into the ground. Gibdos are the mummified form of ReDeads, they are only found in the bottom of the Kakariko Village well.












Stalfos- Stalfos are the remains of ancient evil knights brought back to life. They will attack and defend themselves. Use Z-targeting and sword techniques to send them back to the dead.






Fire Bubble






Flare Dancer






spikey things & clammy things






Dark Link






Wallmaster & Floormaster












Dead Hand






Gerudo Guard











Iron Knuckle- Iron Knuckles are perhaps Ganondorf's most fierce minions. Their defense is not easily penetrated and they take out large amounts of life energy with each hit. When  its ax gets stuck in the ground, attack, and when it loses part of its armor just go wild with sword thrusts to finish it off.


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