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Ocarina of Time Characters

WARNING: some character descriptions will spoil the story



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Link- Link was born a Hylian during the Great War in Hyrule. His mother, seeking shelter, took him to the Kokiri Forest. The Great Deku Tree sensed Link's destiny to protect Hyrule as the Hero of Time. It was decided that Link would be raised a Kokiri because the forest was a place which no evil could enter. His mother died soon afterward and Link grew up as a misfit among the Kokiri children. His destiny would begin its fulfillment when Hyrule's peace was once again threatened by evil and he was of the age of ten. Throughout his quest he is frequently referred to as the Royal Family's Messenger.






Ganondorf- The ultimate evil in Link's quest. He is the leader of the Gerudo Thieves, and known as the "King of Thieves". Although he swore allegiance to the king of Hyrule, Princess Zelda sensed his desires for conquering Hyrule. His ambition is to enter the sacred realm and get his hands on the Triforce. This would allow him to rule the world. When Link opens the Door of Time in an effort to get to the triforce before Ganondorf, Ganondorf obtains the Triforce and his evil wishes come true. He becomes known as the King of Evil and transforms Hyrule into a world of darkness.






Navi- Every Kokiri has a guardian fairy except Link, because he was born a Hylian. One morning while having a recurring nightmare he had been having for several days, he was awakened by the small voice of a fairy named Navi. She was sent by the Deku Tree to be his guardian fairy. Throughout Link's quest  Navi provides him with useful information (most of the time).






Kokiri Children- All of the Kokiri children are friends to Link except Mido who bullies the Kokiris, claiming to be their boss. There is something miraculous  about the forest which keeps the Kokiri young forever. The Deku Tree tells them not to leave the forest because they would age and die outside of its magical barrier.






Great Deku Tree- The Great Deku Tree was the Guardian of the forest and of the Kokiri's Emerald before he passed away due to a curse put on him by Ganondorf. Link's quest began with an attempt to break this curse (which he did), but it was too late and the Deku Tree withered. Later he is succeeded by the Deku Sprout. It is possible that the Great Deku Tree was the Sage of the Forest.






Kaepora Gaebora-A mysterious (and sometimes annoying) owl; rumored to be the reincarnation of an ancient sage. Kaepora gives Link information about different places in Hyrule. He helps Link when he is young, but seven years later he is no where to be found.






Princess Zelda- Princess Zelda is greatly respected throughout Hyrule. She has a kind heart and a fierce sense of justice. Zelda sees prophetic visions in her sleep and tells Link of her prophecy that Ganondorf will try to destroy Hyrule. She holds one of the keys to the Door of Time, the Ocarina of Time. Ultimately she is the seventh sage who rises above all the others. She also holds the Triforce of wisdom. She helps Link by giving him a letter that allows him to ascend Death Mountain, and she gives him the Ocarina of Time later on.







Gorons- The Gorons are an absent minded, rock-eating race who live in the mountains of northern Hyrule. Ganondorf blocks their food source, Dodongo's Cavern and they turn to Link for help. Later, Ganondorf tries to feed them to the giant fire-breathing dragon, Volvagia and Link must once again rescue them.






Zoras- The Zoras live in Zora's Domain which is hidden behind a waterfall on Zora's River. The Zoras are aquatic creatures who, long ago, evolved from fish. Sadly, when Link revisits Zora's Domain as an adult, it is completely frozen over and its inhabitants are all frozen as well.






King Zora (XVI)- King Zora is the leader of the Zoras. He is the guardian of the Zora's Sapphire, and possibly the Sage of Water. When Link first meets him, he is sitting on his throne worrying about his missing daughter, Ruto. He is eternally grateful when Link rescues her. Upon Link's return years late he sits in the same place frozen in a block of red ice. When Link frees him with blue fire from the ice cavern, he is rewarded with a Zora Tunic which gives the wearer unlimited breath underwater.