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More Characters




Malon- Malon is the daughter of Talon, the owner of Lon Lon Ranch. Link first meets her in the Market, she explains that her father went to deliver milk and hadn't come back, Link, on his way to the Castle himself, sends her father back to her. She and Link become good friends.






Talon-The Lazy farmer who owns Lon Lon Ranch. He rarely does anything on the ranch, he lets his servant do all his work. Link first meets him at Hyrule Castle asleep next to the milk he was supposed to deliver. Link wakes him up with the chicken that Malon gave him. Seven years later after almost losing the ranch and his daughter forever, he turns over a new leaf and starts working.





Ingo-Ingo is Talon's servant, he tends the ranch while Talon lazes around. He is beginning to build a grudge against Talon. Seven years later he kicks Talon out and takes the ranch over. Link races against him with Epona. After winning twice Ingo gives Link Epona, Talon gets his job back and Lon Lon Ranch is at peace again.




Sheik- Sheik is a mysterious young 'man' who keeps his identity a secret. He aids Link by teaching him magical songs that can warp him throughout Hyrule. He later identifies himself as Princess Zelda. She says that she didn't want Ganondorf to know it was her or she would be kidnapped, but she spoke too soon...





Rauru- Rauru is the Sage of Light who guards the Temple of Light. He greets Link in the Chamber of Sages and explains his destiny to him.




Saria- Link's best friend from the Kokiri Forest, she is a talented ocarina player and knows her way through the Lost Woods. She teaches Link a song that enables them to speak to each other by using a magical song on the ocarina. She also later becomes the Sage of the Forest.




Darunia- Darunia is the great leader of the Gorons. He is the guardian of the Gorons Ruby (aka Spiritual Stone of Fire). He and Link become sworn brothers after Link destroys the Dodongos that invaded their cavern. Seven years later, Link helps Darunia defeat the fire dragon, Volvagia, and Darunia becomes the Sage of Fire making him and Link true brothers.





Princess Ruto- Princess Ruto is the feisty daughter of King Zora. She is swallowed by Lord Jabu-Jabu and when Link saves her (and Jabu-Jabu) she gives him The Zora's Sapphire (aka Spiritual Stone of Water) in return for his hand in marriage later on. But she later finds out that she is the Sage of Water and must stay to be the Guardian of the Water Temple.





Impa- Impa is part of the race known as the Shiekah or shadowfolk. The Shiekah served the royal family of Hyrule in the war. But since then nobody has seen a Shiekah, but have only heard rumors about Impa living in the castle. That she does, her job is to protect and care for Princess Zelda. Her role in the game is to teach Link Zelda's Lullaby (one of the most useful songs in the game). She opened the shiekah village, Kakariko, to the common people of Hyrule and she becomes the Sage of Shadow seven years later.





Nabooru- Nabooru is known as the Lone Gerudo because she is against Ganondorf. She and Link meet in the Spirit Temple where she plans to foil the thieves' plans to rob the Temple. She promises Link something good if he helped. Seven years later, she is kidnapped by the evil witches, Twinrova. She becomes the Sage of Spirit when Link frees her from the witches.



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