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Bottles are extremely useful in your quest and can make things a lot easier. Here's a list of things you can carry in bottles:

  1. Red Potion-Refills all heart containers (various shops)
  2. Green Potion-Refills magic meter completely (potion shop)
  3. Blue Potion-Refills all heart containers and magic meter completely (Granny's Potion Shop)
  4. Lon Lon Milk-Refills 5 hearts per drink, two drinks per bottle (Lon Lon Ranch/play Malon's Song to cows)
  5. Fairy-Refills all heart containers, brings you back to life when you die (fairy fountains/other locations)
  6. Bug-Sell to begger in Market/Kakariko Village or drop in a beanhole to lure out a skulltula. (potion shop/various locations)
  7. Fish-Sell to begger in Market/Kakariko Village. A fish is needed to make Jabu Jabu open his mouth (potion shop/Zora shop/in water)
  8. Poe-Sell to one eyed man in the guard house (adult Link), or drink and take a chance of losing or gaining a heart (potion shop/various locations)
  9. Blue Fire-Melts red ice (potion shop/Ice Cavern)

There are only four bottles available in the game, and it is always helpful to have an extra fairy, or more blue fire so you don't have to run back to the Ice Cavern! Below you will find out how to get all of the bottles.

Get All Four Bottles