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Big Poe Hunt

This is the most difficult bottle to get. In order to get it, you need to ride on Epona around Hyrule Field (day or night) and find 10 "big poes". You need at least one empty bottle handy. When you find a big poe, you have to shoot it twice with the fairy bow, when it falls hurry over and catch it in a bottle. Then bring it to the one eyed man in the gaurd house. The big poes only appear in certain places. The map below shows where you need to ride to find each big poe.

Big Poe Locations

  1. From Hyrule Castle head to Lon Lon Ranch (or the opposite)
  2. Ride past the tree in front of Lon Lon Ranch
  3. Go over the bridge to Kakariko Village and ride under the lookout (left side) towards the river
  4. Ride past the gray boulder near the forest entrance
  5. Go along the lower side of the wall near Lon Lon Ranch
  6. In the area with a lot of trees, ride from the grass patch to the other grass patch across the path
  7. Ride into the area with a lot of trees and ride through the second row of trees
  8. Go along the path to Gerudo Valley under the lookout
  9. Ride from the wall attached to Lon Lon Ranch to the only tree near Gerudo Valley
  10. In the area with the little river ride Northeast