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Round up the Cuccos

Young Link can pick up the second bottle in Kakariko Village. Go over to the lady standing by the chicken pen. She will tell you that her cuccos have ran away and she wants you to bring them back to the pen. There are 7 cuccos scattered throughout the village. Every time you enter a house or leave the village, they'll all escape the pen again, so you'll have to do it in one shot. Here are the locations:

  1. Pecking around next to the pen
  2. One somehow got inside the crate in front of the house with the cooking lady
  3. Near the entrance to Death Mountain Trail
  4. By the entrance to the village
  5. On a ledge near the House of Skulltula (use another cucco to get there or hit it with your sword from the other side of the fence)
  6. Bring a cucco to the ledge in front of the windmill and fly over the nearby fence to find another one on the other side
  7. While you're getting number six climb up the ladder and find the final cucco near the back of the windmill

After you bring all 7 cuccos back the lady will give you an empty bottle for your work and explain that although she loves cuccos she couldn't get them herself because she's allergic to them and gets goose bumps.