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Biggoron's Sword Trading Sequence

The Biggoron Sword is twice as strong as the Master Sword! is so heavy that it needs two hands to hold, which means that you can't use your shield properly. It also doesn't automatically slice when you take it out (which is sometimes annoying). All in all it is still extremely useful. You should try to get it as soon as possible when you're an adult. It's a little tricky to get but this should make it easier. *HINT the place to trade your current event item will have an arrow over it on the Hyrule map.


Pocket Egg-It all starts in Kakariko Village with the Pocket Egg...When you re-visit the cucco lady in Kakariko Village, talk to her and she will offer to lend you an egg. If you take the egg, the next morning it will hatch. When it hatches, take it into the house where Talon is staying and use it. He'll wake up.


Cojiro-Bring the Pocket Cucco back to the Cucco Lady in Kakariko Village and she will give you Cojiro, a blue cucco that rarely crows. Take Cojiro to the Lost Woods, go left and talk to the Cucco Lady's brother. Show him Cojiro and he'll give you an Odd Mushroom.


Odd Mushroom-Once you have the Odd Mushroom, you'll have to get it to Granny's Potion Shop in Kakariko Village (the one that sells the Blue Potion) before it spoils, you'll only have 3 minutes to get there, so run (and use Epona). Once there Granny will give you an Odd Potion.



Odd Potion-Once you get the Odd Potion, head back to the Lost Woods (no rush) and bring it to the Cucco Lady's...well he's gone so give it to the Kokiri girl in exchange for a poacher's saw.


Poacher's Saw- Bring the Poacher's Saw to the master carpenter in Gerudo Valley. He'll be surprised to see it because he says he left it with his mother and he'll give you a broken Boron's Sword in return.


Broken Goron's Sword- Take the Broken Sword up Death Mountain Summit and show it to the big goron on top of the mountain. He'll say that he'd repair it, but his eyes are too irritated. He'll give you a perscription for eye drops.


Prescription-Take the prescription to King Zora, he doesn't actually have the eye drops, but he'll give you the main ingredient (an eyeball frog).


Eyeball Frog- Once you get the Eyeball Frog, take it to The Lakeside Laboratory at Lake Hylia. You'll have 3 minutes to get it there before it spoils. When you get there let the professor make the eye drops out of it.


Eye Drops- Take the eye drops that the professor gave you and make a mad dash to the top of Death Mountain! You'll only have 4 minutes! If you planted the magic bean near Dodongo's Cavern it will help a lot, if not you'll be lucky to make it with 10 seconds left over (note-this is impossible unless you have Epona).


Claim Check- Once you finally bring Biggoron his eye drops, he'll feel much better and he'll start to fix your broken sword. it will take him a few days to fix (just use the Sun's Song a few times).


Biggoron's Sword- When you turn in the Clain Check you'll finally get...the Biggoron's Sword! It's super strong and very durable. Now killing baddies will be twice as easy in most cases! But it does not have the power to repel evil as the Master Sword does, so don't use it against Ganon!